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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of Binkoštna cerkev Center, Ljubljana trading as Mozaik

By registering for Mozaik activities or donating to Mozaik you are agreeing to accept the following terms and conditions. Mozaik is an activity of Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana. This agreement is between you and Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana (BCC), which trades as Mozaik, located at Celovška 70, p.p. 6030, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia. E-mail



1.1 Mozaik connect - Mozaik offers clubs, events, seminars, small group studies, and community building events. These activities are directed towards the wider society for the purpose of community development and social engagement. Mozaik activities may be directed to certain age segments or those in differing life situations such as: children, teenagers, youth, men, woman, married couples, families, or seniors.


1.2. Mozaik Mission Experiences - Mozaik also provides short term mission experiences for those who want to participate in service and community engagement in a cross-cultural setting.


1.3. Mozaik Mission Partnership - Mozaik also provides opportunities to support missionaries financially who are working throughout the region. Individuals, churches, and organizations may agree to donate to certain missionaries, or donate freely and allow Mozaik to choose the most needy circumstances.  




2.1 Activities facilitated by Mozaik are volunteer activities: clubs, workshops, craft events, mission experiences and the support of missionaries and mission activities. People are invited to participate freely. Mozaik makes no obligations for these, you agree to participate freely. On those events such as seminars and mission experiences free donations may be received to cover costs and contribute to the work and mission of Mozaik. These donations are as free gifts without obligation. Once the donation is received it becomes the property of BCC. Any events requiring financial obligations will be facilitated by Podvig d.o.o. a company owned by BCC to serve the mission of the church.


2.2 Donations are received in the following ways: donation via card over the internet, donation in cash, or donation via direct bank transfer.


2.2.1 Once donations are received to BCC, they become the property of BCC until they are paid out in accordance with agreements.


2.2.2. Tax obligations relating to the gifts we provide to missionaries remain the responsibility of the receiver.


2.3 Upon registering your intent or interest in any of our events, Mozaik will reserve a space for you on the selected event. It is your sole responsibility to check the accuracy of the reservation and the dates of the events. Mozaik reserves the right to reject a registration before the event.


2.4 Completion of internet forms such as registration and your intent to donate to a specific missionary is not a binding contract, it is simply an indication of your intention to allow Mozaik to plan.  


2.5 By registering for an event with Mozaik you grant Mozaik permission to contact you directly by email or phone regarding these and future offers.





3.1 BCC is governed by a statute ratified by members, available in the church premises upon request.


3.2 The agreement is with you and BCC, thus registrations or any contractual benefits cannot be transferred to third parties without express approval from BCC.


3.3 To enhance networking and the learning experience on occasion Mozaik arranges excursions, team building exercises, and touristic elements, which are incorporated into the events. Mozaik makes no warranties, representations or assumes any liability in connection with the activities of the other providers.


3.4 Any accommodation, transportation or hospitality provided by BCC are contracted to other providers. They are subject to the terms and conditions, and limitations of liability, imposed by the other providers.




4.1 Donations are made free of obligation.


4.2 Upon receipt of finances all donations become the property of BCC to be dispersed in accordance with the intended purpose.


4.3 BCC is a registered church and governed by government regulations regarding religious institutions.


4.4 In accordance with BCC statute a treasurer maintains and reports finances. Full financial disclosure is made to its members annually. In addition, Mozaik will provide a full financial statement to those who participate in the mission support annually.   


4.5 Those who support of missionaries or ministries may stop their regular donation at any time.




5.1 If donators discover that they have donated in error, or they donated more than they intended, or though some circumstance claim a mistake was made.

  • Donations can be refunded in full if Mozaik is notified within 8 days of the donation.

  • After 8 days donations will not be refunded as they would have been paid on to the end recipient.

  • You cannot claim return of a donation at an event that has already occurred.

  • Those seeking a return of donation must be able to demonstrate that they have in fact donated. All bank transfers and card payments are easily traceable.  

  • Individual cash donations, which are collected as part of a group at an event will not be refunded.




6.1. You must notify Mozaik in the shortest amount of time possible of any irregularities that might occur during an event. Mozaik is responsible to correct any such irregularity in the shortest amount of time possible.


6.2. If you are not satisfied with any of Mozaik events or products you may complain to E., or write to Mozaik, Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana, Celovška 70, 1000 Ljubljana. Slovenia. 




7.1. BCC is in good standing with and governed by the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.





8.1. Mozaik respects the privacy of the visitors of its website and ensures that personal information you submit to us will be treated confidentially. Processing of personal data is carried out in agreement with the requirements set by the Personal Data Privacy Law of the Republic of Slovenia.



Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana operating as Mozaik


Celovška 70, p.p. 6030

1000 Ljubljana,

Slovenija, EU


Mat.: 5870267000

D.š.: 11396164





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