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Beroja - Program

12 seminarjev v 3-4 letih

Program 12 seminarjev, ki potekajo v obdobju treh let na dveh različnih lokacijah v Sloveniji in nam pomagajo poglobiti naše znanje Svetega pisma. 

Gostimo odlične in izkušene profesorje iz Slovenije in tujine, ki ustvarijo čudovito okolje učenja in usposabljanja. 

Da bi spoznavali Boga, uživali v Bogu in poveličevali Boga.


I. Uvod v Staro zavezo


This course in a general introduction to the Old Testament. In this course we will study the historical background and key themes, which give a solid view of the foundations of the Old Testament. Students will be introduced to the major discussions over accuracy of the literature, its reliability, and creation theories. In addition, this course will present a timeline of the Old Testament and give students a short overview of each book.

     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Testing instrument.


II. Uvod v Novo zavezo


This course is a general overview of the New Testament, which covers the life and times of Jesus and an overview of the letters and epistles that make up the New Testament. Particular attention will be given to the nature and purpose of the texts, increasing understanding in order help the student be more familiar with the first century narratives.

     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Testing instrument.


III. Odrešenje – Systematic Theology 1 – Anthropology & Soteriology

Antropologija, hamartiologija, kristologija, soteriologija.

This course covers a Biblical view of humanity, the fall of mankind and man’s need for salvation. Here we examine the nature of the unmerited favor of God towards his children which afforded the possibility of salvation through Christ’s finished work on the cross. 

     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Testing instrument.


IV. Zmagovalno življenje


This course encourages Christian maturity from the exploration and development of the finished work of Christ on the Cross in the life of students. There is an emphasis of the nature of man’s relationship to God, communion, revelation, prayer and fellowship with believers. 

     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Paper.   


V. Sveto pismo, Božja beseda – Biblijska teologija (Homiletika)

This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge, resources, and tools to study and explain scripture. Osnove razlaganja bibličnih odlomkov in posameznih vrst. Students will become familiar with researching and requirements of presenting God’s word to a contemporary audience. 

     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Practical project in local church.


VI. Komunikacija, ki sooči (Langham Preaching)

Ekspozicijsko, Exegetical in Thematic pridiganje. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools to enable them to prepare and deliver sermons. Osnove retorike in javnega nastopanja.

     (1) Two of the Langham lectures (2) Book reading (3) Delivery of a sermon in local context.


VII. Življenje cerkev – Systematic Theology II - Ecclesiology  


Cerkev, kaj je to? Osnove ekleziologije. Kaj je cerkev? Nastanek cerkev. Namen cerkve. Kdo je cerkev? Struktura cerkve. Dejanja cerkve (Krst v vodi, Gospodova večerja). Biblične ilustracije za cerkev. Odnosi v cerkvi. Bodočnost cerkve. Priprava bogosližij…


     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Testing instrument.


VIII. Evangelizacija – praktična teologija


Zakaj evangelizacija? Čemu? Kako z nekom podeliti sporočilo evangelija? Osenbna evangelizacija. Masovna evangelizacija (priprava evangelizacijskih srečanj in bogoslužij). Moderni izzivi.

The course deals with the theological concern of presenting the Gospel in a way that is persuasive and convincing. This includes a knowledge of the issues and concerns present in the local context, which may enhance or inhibit such a presentation.

     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Practical evangelism and report (testimony).



IX. Dušebrižništvo – Life in the Spirit


Osnove pastoralne teologije. Dušebrižništvo. Poslušanje in govorjenje. Svetovanje. Vloge povezanosti in očetovstva. This course will provide students with an introduction to pastoral care and counseling with in pastoral concerns. Students will also be equipped with definitions and how to recognize community support and limitations.  


     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Reading(s), (3) Practical.


X. Cerkvena zgodovina


This course will give an overview of the history of the Christian church, covering the major achievements and aspect of the growth and development of the church. Students will focus on a particular aspect for their research project of this course.


     (1) Lectures, (2) Reading(s), (3) Research project.


XI. Vodenje v 21. Stoletju


This course will focus on the development of leaders as mature spiritual and godly people, whose character, capacity and capabilities reflect God to those they influence. Lectures will focus on spiritual development of leaders; the coaching relationship and book readings required for this course will work through practical and technical aspects of leadership.     


     (1) Lectures, (2) Book Readings, (3) Coaching relationship for 12 months, (3) Project. 


XII. Sveti Duh v življenju kristjana - Systematic Theology III - Pneumatology

Pneumatologija. Sveti Duh, oseba Trojstva. Sveti Duh in posvečenje. Krst v Svetem Duhu. Duhovni darovi v praksi. This course will examine the person and work of the Holy Spirit for our contemporary communities. 


     (1) Lectures, (2) Reading(s), (3) Testing instrument.


XIII. Misija


Student will be required to go on a mission trip in a foreign cultural, which participates in a variety of ministry. This mission will have structure in terms of dedicated devotional life, leadership, full participation. Learning outcomes will be ministry development, cultural observations, support raising, and participating with God in his plan for humanity. We have plan to offer 1-3-month internships in Bosnia and Montenegro and Macedonia, this would fulfill the requirements for this course.


     (1) Participation (2) Daily Journal, (3) Paper on cultural an aspect of God’s heart for the nations and our role.


XIV. Apologetika


This course will prepare students to make a solid and adequate defense of the Christian faith in the midst of present societal issues. Participants will be equipped to engage in a successful defense of the faith. This course will deal with science vs religion, reliability of Biblical literature, the existence of God, the evidence for the resurrection.  


     (1) Lectures, (2) Reading(s), (3) Project.


XV. Pedegology


This course will provide training and instruction on the education of children. We will interact with modern teaching methods and tools for teaching Biblical truths to our children.


     (1) Lectures, (2) Reading(s), (3) Participatory supervised project.


XVI. Marriage & Family


A course intended for the development of strong and healthy families.

(1) Lectures, (2) Reading(s), (3) Project.

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